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About us:

Maxi CAD firm is a constructional office. The development, projecting and construction of bodies of vehicles are our speciality. We employ experienced engineers' team. We participated in projects for well-known on whole world of automotive brands the Mercedes and Porsche.

We use the modern tools of computer aid of projecting CAD. The office possesses   the   software   CATIA v5   used   by   most of well-known firms of automotive   branch.   Using these tools we are able to make 3D models of very complicated   parts   of vehicles   and   technical documentation 2D as well.

Team MaxiCAD specialise in complex projecting parts from plastic material mainly   bumpers,   masking   parts,   slats,   panels,   boards, door panels. We possess experience in projecting the components of car body as well and hybrid parts also (plastic with metal).

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